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02 October 2017

Quincy Krosby's Q4 2017 Commentary: The End Game

Dr. Quincy Krosby, Chief Market Strategist at Prudential Financial
Plus: Quincy's Weekly Outlook
Oct. 16 - Earnings, budget, economic data may move market
Market Commentary: Q4 2017

Quincy Krosby: The End Game

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and anyone overwhelmed by recent headlines may be forgiven for thinking a little holiday cheer can’t come soon enough. The fourth quarter tends to be, statistically at least, the most hospitable for markets, while the third quarter is known for heightened volatility. Quincy Krosby, Prudential’s chief market strategist, leads us through potentially positive and negative indicators in her Q4 2017 market commentary...(more)
10 October 2017

In Newark, anchor institutions prove model for revitalizing cities

Prudential Tower in Newark
Corporate Social Responsibility

In Newark, anchor institutions prove model for revitalizing cities

How does a city impacted by decades of crime, poverty, unemployment and divestment rise again? The answer can be found in a place often overlooked by many—New Jersey’s largest city, Newark...(more)
02 October 2017

Prudential named best workplace for Latinas by LATINA Style magazine

Yanela Frias, senior vice president and head of Investment & Pension Solutions for Prudential Retirement
2 October 2017

Prudential named best workplace for Latinas

Yanela Frias walked into her employee orientation program at Prudential Financial, Inc. 20 years ago, filled with excitement about her new position as an entry-level accounting associate. Now she runs the company’s Investment & Pension Solutions business...(more)
03 October 2017

Employee donations push Prudential disaster relief closer to $3.15 million

Maria Garza is comforted by a Red Cross worker as she visits her grandfather’s home after it was damaged by flood waters of the Colorado River in La Grange, Texas "It hasn’t even hit me yet," Garza said. "I can't imagine what he is feeling.” Photo by Chuck Haupt for the American Red Cross
3 October 2017

Employees push Prudential disaster relief to $3.15 million

In response to recent natural disasters, Prudential and its employees have committed up to $3.15 million to disaster relief efforts worldwide...(more)
01 September 2017

Choosing the same “walkway” key to couples’ retirement success

Prudential's "Walkways" TV ad
1 September 2017

Choosing a “walkway” key to couples’ retirement

The decision to retire and enter a new, unfamiliar stage in life can be a challenge. But including a spouse or partner in the equation—whether he or she is ready to retire—adds another layer of complexity...(more)

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